Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

Shopping an intelligent robot in the supermarket

In designing a robot, it takes several aspects. Some things to note, among others, in terms of:
- Perception

Robots will indulge when the robot has sensors that can detect its objects, colors, light, temperature, and others. To make the robot able to shop at the supermarket, the robot must have some sensors.

Sensor Color: any color will detect objects called by the user to the robot, then roboy taking things that called it.

Sensors can detect whether the object was shaped paper, plastic, cans, and others.

Sensors that can detect expired on food, such as instant food, and food or beverage cans.

- Action

Robot speaks to the user / customer, for example: "What would you buy??"
Walking with no hit objects in the partition of the partition super market.
Taking the items purchased and given to the customer.

- Target

Target is determined by the customer, what items will be purchased and ordered to robots.

- considerations

condition Supermarket which has many partition of the partition, then create a sensor that can detect the presence of any nearby object that the robot does not hit the object around.

The power of robotics to pick up and hold objects, to be adjusted to capture objects at her. Example: take an egg. Robots must hold her to be careful and gentle, if it's too loud then broken eggs, and the eggs will fall too low.

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